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Trinity garden definitely isn't pleasing to the eye. Its rough, through and through. However, often you run into those who are striving for more and actually work to better themselves. There are also so many people who are kind and want to make a difference; like thsoe is dog rescue. I have met so may people who actually want to help the overwhelming population is stray dogs in the neighborhood. It's definitely one of the down falls.
The things you see daily is sad. Riding down the streets you will see guys hanging in front of the store shooting dice, selling drugs or just on drugs. Some of the kids don't respect the adults their parents. The youth is so easily drawing to this behavior that they get into this life style. Many of the young girls grown-up in this community have kids at a young age. I am one of those teen girls myself but, I am getting my life in order to become better then what I grew up around. Where I live my kids seen a dead body laying outside two since we lived here. No child should live this life but it is me that is trying to give them a better life. Each day I tell them they are not what people are but what they see themselves. This community is full of crime, drugs and self hate.
I am a current resident in Trinity Gardens. It is a quiet neighborhood. Majority elderly African Americans. It is not the nicest place. The exterior of houses and buildings are very much run down. Police are always in the neighborhood as if its a bad location. Great people actually stay here. You will receive a lot of hospitality. A good amount of family owned food businesses to cater at. The roads need work. The neighborhood as a whole needs renovation. But its a beautiful place if you look past the exterior. Close to downtown and the sky line. Great bus lines/routes for those who ride the bus. Of course crime happens, but for the most part its a safe place. Stay out of trouble, and you wont find it.
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Someone lost their life in front of a nearby Walgreen's I always go to. Now, I'm afraid to enter it.
I live in an apartment complex with sketchy people. I'm living on campus at the University of Houston to get away from this area.
a lot of new stuff
i see a good future for us if we just keep doing good things
Houston is a cool city to live in. It doesn't really look all that, but it is bursting with character.
Friendly people once you get to know them
There is not really any local parks that are great
The street where I live is more quite then others. I live in a dead end area so a lot of cars don't come by. We do have a train close by so we here it from time to time.
Crime is the worst. You always here gun shots, police takes hours to get to you when called out. People always waking around at night
Not a lot of weather issues
very few place to go at night
There are a lot of job that pay minimum wage
Have to drive at least 10 min. to get to a good clothing store and 5 minutes to get to a gas station where there is less chance to get rob.
nothing major in this area
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Mainly mom and pop places run by family members. Gas stations and casino's and fast food places