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I have been living the Trinidad neighborhood for about 2 an a half years now, and I can say that the neighborhood from what I’ve heard has become way better than before. The neighborhood used to be considered dangerous due to gangs and it was surrounded by so many impoverished people, that the neighborhood was not doing well. Now, because of gentrification, many middle-class populations are moving into D.C., causing homes to become more expensive and moving out the people who lived in the neighborhood but cannot afford to anymore. I have seen a lot of yoga studios and Trader Joe's being built for the advancement of the city but also for the new people that are moving into the black-populated neighborhoods. I think gentrification can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage where criminal activity plummets but the veterans of the neighborhoods are not able to afford a home in the neighborhood anymore because value has risen in efforts to attract middle-class populations.
Very family oriented neighborhood at one point, but as the gentrification started to kick in the violence around also increased.
Trinidad is a beautiful neighborhood, with a loving environment. I love the events, people, and just overall atmosphere.
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Crime in the neighborhood has been worst but appears to be on a major decline.
The neighborhood is decent. Its uniquely diverse. Its good for raising a family. The neighbors take pride in the community.
DC is full of parks, but they are not very big. They have plenty of spots for picnics and to kick a ball around. The northeast area has the National Arboretum, which has an expansive open space that is home to a little bit of wildlife.
It is ok. I know of friends who have been robbed on the way home, and occasionally I will hear gun shots in my neighborhood. I have never been the victim of a crime here, so I don't consider it too bad yet.
There is a good amount of public transport services available, and DC makes good use out of the private company services (Capital Bikeshare, Uber, etc.). Many parts of the city are kept clean, so they have a good waste management system in place. Unfortunately, the city still does not know how to handle snow fall very well.
It goes through all the seasons. In the summer it can get really hot, and that is when everyone who is from north of DC complains. In the winter it can get very cold, and that is when everyone from the south of DC complains.
The city has thousands of young people come by each year to find employment. I was lucky enough to find employment relatively quickly, but I know others who have struggled for almost a year to find a permanent position. Though, you can find a huge variety of sectors to work in here.
There are some good places, but everything is very expensive. I come from Florida where you can get a pitcher of beer for less than $5. In DC, they consider a pitcher of beer for $12 to be happy hour.
Many of the local businesses reach out to niche audiences. They have the opportunity compete in specific markets since many of the bigger business that you find in other cities and towns do not have a large presence here. This means that you do not have many one-stop shops here, and the few that are here are not that great.