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I haven't seen much crime but I hear about it a lot.
I'm not really familiar with all of Delaware, but I am only living here because this is where my school is located.
In Wilmington, the crime rate has shot up. There have been multiple homicides in the past year alone. I do believe that the police respond quite quickly, and that gives a feeling of safety.
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I like the community I live in because it's close knit. Everybody knows each other and so it's a feeling of comfort. Although it isn't a bad area, the crime rate has gone up since I've been living here. My specific neighborhood is very peaceful, but crime is prevalent only a few blocks away.
The neighborhood is safe. There is low crime other than the very occasional burglary. The area is near downtown so it is probably slightly less safe than farther in the suburbs. Wilmington as a whole actually has a high crime rate, however the issues predominantly arise in the bad areas downtown. The visibility of police differs a lot depending on where you are. In this area, the police are not very visible, but they respond relatively quickly when called. Personally, I have never had to call the police.
Public services are not bad but they are not the best either.
The crime in my area is bad. I feel as though there is a funeral in my city every weekend. At the beginning of 2015, it did not start off too well. It has seem to die down now.
It's not what I want it to be. In the city of Wilmington, there are nothing but row homes.
The weather is not bad around my neighborhood or city. We don't really get natural disasters unless a lot of rain counts.
I love the various places to eat or order take out. You will not get tired of what is around my area.
Its not the best place to look for a job. You would find more opportunities in a nearby city.
There are a variety of local businesses around my area. Some are new and some have been there for years.
It is not the best , it is ranked one of the most dangerous cities in Delaware. They're only a few things to do either go to the mall , party, or the movies.