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I don't think it's exactly the safest place to live-- it's highly dependent on which area of Columbus you're in. There are a great many neighborhoods/parts of downtown where I feel completely safe. But of course, there are other areas, sometimes even within blocks of a safe place, where I feel very uncomfortable.
I love Columbus; there's a great arts community (both visual and performing), and there are many beautiful areas. Work continues to be completed downtown to make the area prettier, and encourage more people to live in the city. There are several parks downtown which are nice to relax in, and which often have events.
i dont fiil unsafe at all like thats not even a conserne of minds
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i my area is preetey great it is close to my schhol ever one noes every one in we are a prettey good cummunitey
Overall, my street, the area Southfield is a great neighborhood to grow up in because everyone is like family and that's the best type of people to live around.
I live in ohio the worst thing is that you cant predict the weather
It's not really a bad area it could be cleaner
It feels like nobody cares anymore
Not really much of a food critic
It's hard for people to find good job, and jobs that they love
The business are pretty run down
The places in the area hire employees as they need them, and pay isn't out-of-the-ordinary. Minimum wage or a couple of dollars more.
Most things are accessible with a ten-minute drive, and the quality of the locations vary from place-to-place.