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Tremont and Grand course area not so good. Too many drug addicts in the Area. The selling of drugs is very high. Not a good neighborhood. In summer timne too much noise . Nobody cares if your sleeping they will put the music really loud
I like that there are a huge amount of stores and different locations to fit ones needs, regardless of what it might be. The main issue I have is that transportation is really unreliable as Tremont gets crowded fast during certain points of the day, and the main bus (BX 40/42) doesn't run nearly reliably enough to be of use.
Everything is fine. I don't see anything really bad at the community what are you referring of.
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It's a great area. I don't have problems with my neighbors and the community. This is my first time living in Bronx, New York.
I've just moved here from NC about 3 months ago. I'm enjoying NY from day to day.
I see this area going more downhill.
The area is has many small stores, and you can find almost anything that you need.
I find it ok, just for the fact that there's public transportation for the ones who need it.
in my opinion, it all depends where you live, i find it that its okay.
there's a lot of junk food near where i live, where the society is exposed to a high percentage on obesity.