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A very diverse yet unique place to grow up. A very poor but rich community that survived and still thrives despite disastrous hardships ,and catastrophes in more than just the literal sense.
I lived in Treme for several years, and I adore this neighborhood. Granted, it's not for everyone. It is a little rough and slightly blighted in some areas, but it is rich in history and diversity. 've never had such amazing neighbors!
Its not the worst but its also not the best.
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My neighborhood is the best of all. Everyone comes to visit and come out for secondlines and crawfish.
There are a lot of houses getting rebuilt giving jobs to those in construction. There is a Whole Foods that just opened up and quite a few new business opening up. Every year Jazz Fest employs over at least 10,000 people. Anything is available to you if you believe in yourself! I LOVE MY CITY!!
I enjoy visiting my local stores! They show me a lot of love and we have conversation with each other! I love my neighborhood!