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Police are always well visible and quick, however there are many buildings ruined by graffiti that causes values to drop
This area is located near multiple beaches and activites. With so many activities and community events, the overall quality of life seems great. However, there is a large amount of homeless population and nothing seems to be helping them.
It is within extremely close proximity to Cal State Long Beach so there are a lot of college students which is fine for me considering I am one of them. Grocery stores, restaurants and recreational shopping are all nearby which is very convenient. It is geared toward college students, I would not plan to live here after my schooling.
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The outdoors in Long Beach are not very rich in wildlife or any sort of green in general. There are some neighborhoods with beautiful, lush trees. But generally, it is very city-like and metropolitan. There are, however, a good amount of parks and golf courses that display green grass and trees. Pollution is inevitable in a city compacted such as Long Beach.

However, the city does a great job of keeping it well maintained and clean.
The weather in the Long Beach area is generally sunny and warm. If you get closer to the beach, it remains the same but slightly cooler and windier. Winter and fall are very similar- with only a couple weeks of very chilly/windy weather. The weather here does not create any natural disasters. It is very moderate, and never goes to extremes, except on very few occasions during the summer. Natural disasters are generally not a problem in this area, except for earthquakes. These occur several times throughout the year, especially during the summer.

My wardrobe consists of many long sleeves and sweaters during the winter and fall, and shorter and thinner clothing during the summer/spring.
There are a few places that are hiring. However for a student like me that does not have a car it can be difficult to get around because sometime the bus can be unreliable.
They are okay as stated in the rating. There are a good amount of places to go and get things. Most of the time they are friendly unless you are rude to them which for me rarely happens. Overal just okay