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Everything is pretty average here. Nothing horrendously bad or so great that I want to praise it. I don't notice the housing or utilities much, meaning it doesn't impact me in a good or bad way. It's just there.
As a dog owner, I think the pet community is great. Lots of people walk their dogs and often give friendly greetings.
Henderson is the #4 safest city, the last time I checked last year. I hear police or ambulance sirens regularly, but crime doesn't affect me. I'm not afraid to walk my dog in the day time, but I won't go out at night by myself.
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Henderson in general is a very relaxed place compared to Las Vegas. If I had to choose between here and Hawaii, where I grew up,would choose Hawaii, but who wouldn't? I'm just really impressed with how the community is making small changes for the better (i.e. healthier lunch choices in schools, lots of community activities, supporting local mom and pops stores, green initiatives, etc.).
It's ok. It is mainly working families. But options for shopping and restaurants are limited.
I really enjoy living here. There are plenty of shops nearby which is extremely convenient