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Right now the crime rate in my area is going up. A lot of violence occur between high school students and college students , i think it will get better overtime .
My area is very fun and it's plenty of stuff to do but after awhile you start to get bored and traveling to different areas is the next best thing to do.
The weather is unpredictable. The weather forecast is usually incorrect. The city has no idea how to get rid of ice on the roads. They tend to use their entire salt supply at the beginning of the snow season which is also unpredictable. They love to close schools and public services and they really have no choice when they use up their entire salt supply and the majority of the roads are covered in ice and can cause accidents.
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Wonderful Price. Nicely taken care of. Well maintained. Kind and courteous staff.
There is not allot of events here. There are celebrations for holidays occasionally but not allot. Not even monthly. The pets are usually with their owners and well behaved.
I noticed the closer you are to college or the age 18- 21 the easier it is to get a job. If you have a certification, degree, or license then it is way easier to find a job then without them all. A high school diploma with successful completion is required usually unless an outstanding work history is shown and a great resume.
There is allot of variety of ways of cooking the same food in this area. There is a little bit of everything here. However, Newport News has allot more variety as well as Norfolk but they are bigger.
People are not aware of what they are eating and putting on their bodies. They have no idea why the products they use cause the effects they have on their body and they don't care. They continue to use and eat them anyway. Also, people eat out allot in this area. Many people are addicted to sugar. Many people are also addicted to yeast. Most people, I'm assuming, have a candida overgrowth causing their obesity or over weight. Nobody is aware of this. Some doctors do not know about this. My doctors do however. There are quality doctors but they are slightly more expensive then the budget doctors.
It is alright. There is pollution from chemtrails that is causing plants to slowly die. The trees were once very green and alive. If they were not affected by the chemtrails then they would continue to be. The greenery is not the same. Trees are dying and there is no obvious reason why. The only way to fix it is to stop chemtrails entirely but that will not happen untill something really bad happens if it does in my lifetime.
There are small incidences but not allot. Usually there are big threats but nothing has happened so far. I have not been impacted. I like it here allot.
The schools are not being taken care of by the tax dollars the parents are paying as a whole. They take priority to students that are in programs instead of students that are not. Often times, the entire student body is not given the opportunity to even attempt to be in these higher level programs. The teachers cater to the bad behavior more then the smart one in lower level classes. This causes them to take less responsibility. There needs to be balance and the students need to fail in order to learn sometimes. I did but I knew that I needed to pick myself up again in order to succeed.
The people in this area are generally easy going. They are not hard to talk or compromise with. They are generally reasonable. There are parts of town that are not but most parts are. There are exceptions everywhere.
The local business is there and is useful and needed. It is not the same as the standards in Newport News or Williamsburg but it is well kept. The family owned businesses are dying however which is why I choose "It's okay" because their food is generally better and their attitude toward customers is generally more warm. Some other restaurants are warm but fast food is usually rude. There are exceptions like Chick-Fil-A or Zatsbys but not all restaurants are like them. Places that function like Jimmy johns, subway, firehouse, asian restaurants including all types of asian, other ethnic restaurants, and chipoltle do not count in this. Just Fancy restaurants, family owned, and fast food like Burger king and McDonald. I would very much like to see more family owned flourish.
It is very quiet. There isn't allot of events. Generally have to go to surrounding cities for events but people that live here, generally, do not mind.
For me it is great. There is a school very close to where I live which makes transportation very simple. The school is well equip to teach students how to prepare for college if they so choose. This is because the school has the International Baccalaureate which is the right amount of rigor a successful student needs to be prepared for college. The students at the school are well civilized enough compared to previous areas I have lived. The neighborhood is a bit loud but they are young. There is never anything louder then a loud car without it's muffler or the lawn mower with grass being cut. The neighbors consistently move in and out because of their jobs. It is well priced and is the perfect size for small families or young kids trying to finally get a place to live after completing college.