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The crime in the are is bad, people do not feel save. My dad got held at gun point over a cell phone and few dollar bills. People just want to steal instead of working for the money. Police seem to be getting more involved because crime rate is just at its max.
The area in which I live in is partial African American and Latino based. The crime level is high, the police even placed a sign stating to be careful and report any suspicious activity. The general atmosphere is not pleasant, Im scared to get home late at night. I would honestly never moved to this place if it was ever an option. The future of the area would probably get worse and worse each year. The crime and drug level is way too high, basically its like what you see in the movies, when people live in the projects or the "ghetto." Compared to other places its good,because some people do not have a roof or even a bed.
This is a high crime area but the police are very visible and try to make a difference. This street is filled with affordable apartment buildings so that means there is usually a certain type of crowd associated with cheaper housing. It's not too bad to the point I fear for my life or anything, I just wouldn't suggest being too friendly with everyone and different lock your doors.
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This is a very busy area with a great diversity of people. This is considered a high crime area. I personally have never ran into any violent crimes or felt too unsafe but crime surely happens. There are many apartments in this area which many plenty of people moving in and out. There is a elementary across the street, high school around the corner, and a college 3 minutes away. There are lots of restaurants to eat at and a Walmart 3 minutes away.
You cant really walk outside during the night due to robbery and rape
Conpare to Mc Kinney it theres more crime n rent is increasing