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Private and somewhat quiet. I like that it is very close to Grand Boulevard, so I could walk to tons of restaurants close by.
Lived here for a year ready to move on. This neighborhood is on the road to gentrification and one of the hippest neighborhoods in st louis. There are a mix of people that live here that make it interesting and was built in a time that encouraged walking to get around. The park is nice and we've had some nice times there. Overall though crime is commonplace, gunshots can be heard at night and your car will get burgled. This is also an extremely liberal neighborhood if you're not an outspoken cynic you may not enjoy it. Going out to bars, restaurants or coffee shops can feel as though you're not in the misfits club and don't belong. We never bonded with this place and have felt on edge here with the issues st louis carries. I recommend this neighborhood for young hipsters from other midwestern cities/towns and lgbt ppl, this is what you've been looking for.
Lots of educational school choices.
Kid friendly events within walking distance or less than 10 minute drive are often free.
Sellers housing market.
Lemonade stands, farmers markets, food trucks, lots of restaurants, free yoga, music, play grounds and festivals at a large park in walking distance.
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Tower Grove South is a lovely neighborhood with easy access to excellent food from all over the world and to a great park.
I've lived in Tower Grove South for most of my life (about 17 years) and I love the atmosphere. My neighbors are all very friendly and we all know each other. The location is great. There's plenty of small businesses around, and Tower Grove Park is our neighbor. I've always been able to walk somewhere nearby to eat out, buy groceries, find a new book, get some coffee, and get new clothes!
I love me neighbors and neighborhood it is very peaceful and quiet. I have no problems or hear of none. People are nice and friendly. We have a bar down the street names Friendly's and it is awesome. Their food is great. They have pool tables, darts and more things to do to have fun. I moved here about two years ago but I grew up in the Tower Grove neighborhood. I grew up in Russell. I love everything about my neighborhood. The parks are beautiful. The scenery and the restaurants around are very good.
Most food is fast food, which is not healthy. Healthier food is more expensive. Not many bars and restaurants that are popular. Most popular restaurants and bars are in the county or away from the city.
Public transportation is time consuming. Most people use their cars. Lanes are clean and visible. More bike lanes are being created. Businesses are spread apart so walking is not very efficient.
Police/Fire stations respond well, not slowly nor very quickly. It sometimes feels non-existent but they're active enough. I am indifferent toward local representatives/state reps/etc. They could put more effort into education in the area, but it isn't horrible.
It's easier to find a job in the county or in an area away from the city if you're looking for a restaurant or retail job. Most jobs here are grocery store jobs. It might be harder to find work as a teenager because most workers are older. There are not top companies in the area.
There has been a lot of violence lately. Usually in the businesses near by. I wouldn't go out at night spontaneously. You see the police drive by every so often. There have been robberies If you stay out of the way, you probably will be safe for the most part. The police respond when called. It would be safer if cops patrolled more frequently at night and occasionally during the day.
The local businesses are not very popular. I don't see a lot of people use the local businesses. The bigger companies receive most of people's attention. Most drive into other areas or counties for the businesses out there. The quality is better. You can get everything you need here, but better quality is found elsewhere.
There are many trees, so strong storms can cause branches to branch, which could possibly damage houses and/or cars. Usually at least one strong storm in the early spring to early summer. Winter can be very cold and can snow heavily. A warm coat is necessary in the winter. Fall does not last long, may a month or so. It can become extremely hot during the summer. It is necessary to have all types of clothing to accommodate each season. The weather does not really impact living.