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I love living over here. Lot of police presence, fun things to do. Not bad on crime. Great for people who have pets there is a pet park near by.
Love the places to eat on Grand and the close proximity to Tower Grove Park. Also, love the central location...everything is within arm's reach!
It's as bad as any other major city. Being smart about how you travel and when you travel is always something you should be conscious of.
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Th people aren't horrible but as many know saith Louis is a very segregated city. Its pretty obvious. The north side is mostly black and the west is mostly white. The south is more diverse in terms of culture but not too many people live out there. The city is nicer than credit is given and I'm terms of safety it's not as bad as it put out to be. I would say experience it for your self and make sure to get a feel of all the cultures herw.
We always have pretty good events a person just has to find out about them.
We do not live on a busy street so when it snows it takes a while for the city to come shove the snow.
I am very happy that I purchased my first home in this area.
My husband and I are very blessed to live walking distance from our homes.
Many people in my area take great pride in the appearance of their homes.
We have so many businesses who are rebuilding and investing in my area that its bring the value of the property up.
The people in my area are very nice and respectable.
The taxes are way too high on my house and the area could be cleaner.
I walk home from work every morning and I always feel safe.
We have some of the most beautiful parks and city gardens.
No matter what type of lifestyle you live you can always find a place to eat that you will enjoy.
Most of the people in my community are very active.
I always see people walking, running, or riding their bikes around the area.
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The transportation in this area is great and it is easy to get around and park is always available.
I'm living in St. Louis and attending school here based on affordability. However, when I complete my graduate studies I plan on moving away.
My rent is $400 a month, which is relatively cheap.