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Touchstone Village/Elm Lane Reviews

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Touchstone Village is a quieter suburb where the majority of the residents seem to keep to themselves. There are often lots of people using the roadways though as there is a small shopping center and an elementary school within the neighborhood. Although there isn't a very strict Homeowners association, the houses are mostly kept up with and yards are in good condition. Several houses border the McApline creek parkway which is great for getting outdoors; there are also several access points to the parkway throughout the neighborhood. Within driving distance of the neighborhood there are several shopping centers, schools, a public library, and easy highway access onto I-485. Within waling distance there is also a small shopping center with a Trader Joe's, pharmacy, pet store, and more.
I really enjoy living here and the reason why I only gave it three stars is because of the price of housing but needless to say, the less expensive the rent/payments are, the more riskier the area is. Having said that, I wouldn't move anywhere else and I'm willing to pay more if it means that I know I'll be safe. Housing is very diverse, you can find anything from one bedroom apartments to mansions on a golf course. I believe is that South Charlotte is a really good area to reside in, I would hesitate to move the East or North Charlotte.
There are many opportunities to to strengthen the sense of community in this area. Volunteering at the local animal shelter is something that's close to my heart, there are also book clubs, charity walks, big yard sales and everyone is looking out for another.
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All in all South Charlotte is a safe place to live compared to some other parts of the country. Of course you'll always have occasional breaking and entering but I feel safe even if I accidentally leave the door unlocked. I can go to the store alone in the middle of the night and not have to think about possibly getting robbed or harassed. Police officers are extremely nice and responsive in situations.
I really do enjoy living in South Charlotte. I love having all four seasons after moving here from California. They always mention "Southern hospitality" and it's definitely a reason why this place is so close to my heart.

Charlotte is a banking city so people from all over the country/world come here to live. It's very exciting to get to know other cultures and see the diversity grow since I'm also from another country, residing in the US. South Charlotte has many excellent quality restaurants, indoor and outdoor activities, all in all it's a great place to live and I wouldn't change anything about it.