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Living in Tottenville, Staten Island all my life. Great place to live. Extremely family oriented and it has a small town feel even though its in the most surburban residential borough of New York City.
Growing up here has been great with many great people surrrounding and supporting one another. We are a somewhat closely knit community that benefits everyone.
I grew up right outside of Tottenville. Then it was just a small town where you knew everyone's name and everyone was friendly. There was one grocery store in town and not much else to do. Now Tottenville is booming. There are restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, jewelry stores, clothing stores, you name it, Tottenville's got it.
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Living in New York, this skews my perception of crime as living in a big city there is more of it than other areas of the country but as far as comparing to the other boroughs, safety is pretty decent here. The biggest issue you face on Staten Island is drug (use and very high incidence of overdose) and assault.
Living on Staten Island has gotten less appealing as the years go on. The biggest turn off for me is the cost of living. You are paying city prices for most things but not getting the benefits of living in a city (i.e. Walkability, easy public transportation, interesting amenities, etc.) You have to pay, no matter what, to leave the island to get anywhere whether it be the other boroughs or New Jersey. Being a democrat, it is also very hard as this is the only republican borough in NYC and they are very vocal about their stances on certain things. The people are not the best either; it is very rare that you have a positive interaction here.
The area is pretty safe and quite. There aren't many cases of gun violence or gang activity. There are occasional attempted break-ins/robberies or domestic disputes.
The area is nice and close to family but some of the other people in the neighbourhood are aggressive
In my neighborhood in Staten Island, crime is at a minimum. However, there are areas of Staten Island that are more prone to crime. For the most part, the most popular crimes are typically drug related. Staten Island has a sort of drug epidemic happening.
I do enjoy living in Staten Island, however I wouldn't choose to live here again if I could. I enjoy more of an urban neighborhood, rather than a suburban one like Staten Island. I'd say it is an above average place to live, but it's nickname of "the forgotten borough" speaks volumes.
It was lovely when we first moved in, but now the area has become to crowded.
The houses in this area are very well maintained and aesthetically nice.
The police and fire departments do a very good job protecting people in this area.
Some people frequently go the gym or exercise outside quite often, while some do not.
The winters are very cold with a lot of snow, while the summers are usually quite hot.
There are many nice and affordable restaurants in this area that provide great service.
There are not too many job opportunities in this area. Most retailers are looking for young kids just to pay minimum wage to.
There is quite a large variety of stores in this area. Target, Applebee's, Christmas Tree Shop, Modell's Sporting Goods, Dunkin Donuts, Z Two Restaurant, and Sally Beauty Supply, are all located in adjacent shopping centers in Charleston. The workers are relatively nice and the service is good.
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The community is very friendly and are always there for each other when in need.
The police are always keeping the community safe.
Living in this area, I am always prepared for any weather conditions that may occur. As a community we help each other in need when somebody is effect by any weather conditions.