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There isn't much known crime that occurs around.
It's gorgeous, laid-back, and everyone's friendly.
The housing doesn't get much better than San Diego. The areas are safe, beautiful, convenient, and friendly.
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San Diego is an amazing communnity where everyone is happy to be there! The beach, food, activities, weather, community involvement, and environment are all second to none!
There is barely any crime in san diego and mostly everyone is friendly!
San Diego provides everything necessary for a great time!
People want to retire here
parks, national parks, police, fire station, skate park, open space
Most issues are speeding, home break in's and teenagers acting up.
Lots of unique restaurants and bars for all personalities and budgets. Not for a late night crowd. Everything closes by 10.
It's a minimum wage town with a $100,000 rental market. I still live with mom and dad and don't know how we survive day in and day out. You need to be a business owner and a hard worker to make money and survive.
There are two shopping centers in this Carmel Valley area. A third is opening up this year and a 4th is trying to break down with most of the community divided on the project. There are no big store names like a Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond or a Sports shop. There are lots of small business owned and operated businesses that are great to walk around and enjoy. Bakery's, Coffee shops and small diners are readily available.

It's a beautiful place to walk around on a sunny San Diego Day.
70 degrees year round, not too much humidity either.
people are generally friendly because they live in a beautiful place.
lots of variety in taste and price. easy parking. fresh ingredients.
lots of commuity events near the beach