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Just your average 'burb. Good schools, right next to Westview High School, lots of families, but kind of far from the real fun in Downtown or even just La Jolla. But very accessible because the 56 Highway is right there.
I have not heard many serious crimes around this neighborhood and I have seen many police patrols.
The area i am currently living in is a good area for schools. Many people come to this neighbor for school. Also,this neighborhood it is very convenience; there are lots of mall we can go grocery shopping within a 10 mins drive.
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This area is really nice and quiet so there aren't really any disturbances whatsoever. Everyone is really nice to each other and no one gets mad at each other.
There is not a lot of public transportation in this area so buses may help some people.
There seem to be some threats especially at the high schools in this area.
San Diego has the best weather in the country so I have no complaints compared to the rest of America.
My favorite restaurant in this area would be Sabee Lee.
It looks like there are job openings for anyone who wishes to work.
I love all of the stores here in Rancho Penasquitos. All staff is very friendly and hard working.
Usually popular stores make up the area. There's enough of them to supply almost everything, if not everything that one could possibly want.
theirs not a lot of clothing store in this area but theirs a grocery store and restaurants
across from where i live there's a little shopping center, there's always hiring signs mostly in restaurants and the jobs aren't bad. The biggest company is Albertsons and theirs a lot of teens working there, some of them go to college too. The area where i live is a very nice area there are a lot of professional people the have there career and make good money to live in a nice area like this