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I love living in Torresdale. The people who live here are so kind, and you still get the city feel (because we are located in Philadelphia).
There are so many friendly and unique people inhabiting the neighborhood of Torresdale. You can always count on others to lend a helping hand no matter what. The whole community comes together as one to really raise each other up, and that is something that we definitely need to see more of in this upcoming year. I wouldn't want to grow up anywhere else than Torresdale.
If there is crime, we don't see it. Mostly kids doing stupid stuff.
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Low crime. Has schools, parks, shopping, and dining options. Close to major roadways. I can get to the city in 10 minutes and can get to the jobs, which are in the suburbs in 30-50 minutes. I'm just not thrilled with my neighbors because they mostly stick to themselves, and I'm not thrilled with the nightlife because it's mostly pubs where people eat or taverns where the older crowd go after work or dinner. Everything fun or interesting is somewhere else.
Our neighborhood is clean and well kept. My neighbors take pride in their homes. Three clean parks by my house, one in walking distance. My kids and I love to walk the neighborhood in spring,summer and fall. Not many kids. People on my block stick together and communicate. I love our neighborhood.
there are methadone clinics and public housing in the area
there are parks around my home but they are not always safe to walk through
mainly rowhomes, utilities are average
police patrols have increased but still need a better response time
there are robberies, police have been increased
Philadlephia weather is changing . The spring time is very short now ,and winters are becominig very harsh.
we have had a lot of store close over the last few years .
its difficult for students to find work here.
Hamburgders at the Dining Car are the best!
There is a house across the street that has been vacant since 2002. There is a rumor in the neighborhood that the person who owns it lives in Florida and he bought it so he can come to Philadelphia whenever he wants. I have seen someone outside it maybe once or twice. There was an orange notice on the door a couple years back, but nothing was done. The people in the neighborhood keep the lawn cut so it doesn't look bad. The cost of these houses has really gone up since 2002. Some of them are worth half a million.
To raise a family currently I would not pick this neighborhood knowing there are not that many other kids in the neighborhood. The overall safety of this neighborhood would make me want to live here. As a young kid living here I found friends right away around the corner and up the block. We were always together and I still see them from time to time. Today there are only a few children and I see them alone most of the time. More kids will come in eventually just not today. The neighborhood is mostly older people between 60-90 years old. If I could go back I would still be happy to live in this neighborhood and make those friendships all over again.
The crime is low in this neighborhood. In the past years we have had one or two incidents. Recently, a man was stabbed up the street from my house. He was followed home and then robbed of his iPad and his medication. He was taken to the hospital and is fine today. This was the most severe thing and it scared me because I walk my dogs near that apartment complex everyday. Seeing the yellow caution tape just creeped me out. The police have no been more prevalent but should also be more prevalent on the constant speeding down the street. These speeders going up to 60 mph are going to kill someone and that is the last thing anyone wants.
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The fire station is at the top of the block. They are constantly being called out and when I see them they move quickly and come back quickly. The fire station is a place to vote during elections. I went there to vote for President Obama. Now, I wish I did not vote for him. Forcing people like my boyfriend to pay a fine every month or $2000 for insurance is not okay. This is outrageous and now he communicated with terrorists for a man that got himself in a bad situation. The father of that troop even released a statement saying he was happy for his son back, but what President Obama did was not right.
This street is a two way street with a bike lane. It is a direct route to Frankford Ave and Torresdale Ave. Many people take my street to get to I-95. So frequently there may be some speeders at night. During the day it's a little slower since there may be people out and stop signs slow them down. There is a side walk and it is a safe distance from the street. Even walking in the bike lane on this street is still a safe thing. There is a bus stop at the very top of the street. Not too far away only a couple blocks up. Only problem is the speeders at night. A cop sometimes patrols the street, but I don't think it is for that reason. He may just be cutting through. This being the case these cops should patrol the speeders. Teenagers are a constant through this neighborhood. Walking around in large groups. I have heard people hit their horns really loud at them, but these people usually come barreling down the road. The kids shouldn't be in the street, but they travel in groups of 15-20 on Friday and Saturday nights. This is every night for the past years that I have lived here.
The area has many older people and it's a great part of the city for them. There are a few dogs I see everyday, but thats really it. The older people tend to not have pets, but the men and women in their 60's do. The community does a community yard sale every other month in the spring/summer. This just started this year. Most people do not participate because their older and just stay inside usually. I have not yet participated.