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Crimes can and do happen anywhere and everywhere. It is important to be observant while out and at home. The more community based recreation centers and free activities we have , the better it is for the youth and the community overall.
Knowing about free community activities and being able to participate or enjoy them adds to the quality of life. Getting out in the parks is fun and relaxing. There are many different types of restaurants and food to enjoy.
In my experince, my area is nomal place to live there is really not a lot of vilonce. It is all so not so calm
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Very straightforward and easy to follow.
There are a few private gyms in this area that are very nice that the community uses. There are maybe one or two public facilities anyone from the neighborhood could use. There are many parks around that children play in and adults walk in which keeps some of the local population active. I use the parks to run through as my exercise.
The reaction time for poli?ce to respond should be faster. Buses are sometimes very late in the morning which can be very inconvenient for commuters. I do not follow politics very much, so I do not have much knowledge about that.
The four seasons are very average, we have beautiful Fall and Spring weather. The summer is hot and the winters are cold but nothing too extreme. We rarely ever experience natural disasters here besides Hurricane Sandy a few years ago. Essential? items in my wardrobe would be jeans and sweaters to layer, so when it gets a little chilly I will throw a sweater on or if I get too hot I could take my sweater off. Layering is key.
There are lots of restaurants and places to eat in this area. The area where I live is very diverse which offers many different types of food, for example, Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean etc. My favorite place to go to eat is the new Italian sandwich shop DeFonte's.
Because this area is more of an urban area, there are lots of stores and businesses people can find employment in.
The same local businesses have been around for a while and carry the same products they always have.
Not bad but sometime there safety can not be counted
We have jobs but many don't take advantige.
We experience all four seasons in one week. Especially in the winter. Sandy proved to be a tough storm, but it wasn't the worst thing to happen to this block. But it sucks that the New York City area has to worry about hurricane season when we never had to before...
Borough hall is 20 minutes down the street from me, near the ferry and a police precinct. In the courtyard of borough hall, there are homeless people and high schoolers that smoke weed and do other types of drugs. That's what my government is doing for me: absolutely nothing. They don't care. At all.
This area is cared for because it's a main thoroughfare. It gets paved and repaired when it needs to be. Buses, cars, and trucks are always riding up and down the block. My largest complaint is the garbage trucks that speed down the block at 3 AM.
Most of the time, I can find things I need around here. The deli across the street is really nice. If I need something faxed, mailed, a gallon of milk, or some bread, I can get all of that.
Same faces for many years. I don't want to be here anymore. I'm going to school so I don't have to stay here.
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Most popular activity on this block: Smoking. There's a gym across the street, but I'm pretty confident that no one that uses it lives on this block.
Nothing to see here. Unless you're visiting someone's house, or here for an Albanian wedding party or something.
Apartments, houses. Ho-hum. Nothing special about this block. Rather boring actually.