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My husband and I have seen a lot of restaurants to eat and enjoy ourselves at.
Went exploring the other day, for we are new to the area. There were a lot of businesses that had now hiring posted in their windows. I thought it will be fairly easy to get a job in the area.
I live next door to a Family owned bar. The food and customer experience was great. Coming from Georgia to Colorado made me think a little bit more of Restaurants in the area.
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The safety in this area is very outstanding. There is a security guards that travel the streets in car. Which is the reasoning for no neighborhood watch.
The main issues out in Colorado is the snow storms and tornadoes. Tornadoes are the biggest issue in Colorado.
There are a couple jobs near by that pay minimum wage.
There is a large amount of grocery stores in my area. Such as KingSoopers, and Walmart.
trying to cross the street to get to a desinated area to exercise is exercise enough
it is ok giving we are in the middle of no where we have limited choices but try not to eat out very often
The area is in desperate need of a walk way and lights for pedestreains. the walk way to get to the rtd is very dangerous
My current area is low in crime although there my be a bad apple here and there. But that anywhere. The area is clean and free from drug infestation