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It is not very good.
I am not directly in contact with any public service
I am not actively searching for employment
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I can't compare it to anything else
I really like one restaurant in particular - Pho Mac.
There's not a lot of gyms around my area, but I have seen the gyms in Staten Island. The gyms are nice and big!
I'm honestly very happy to move to Staten Island, it's beautiful and quiet there, The houses are also very nice and big.
When there's a problem somewhere (fire, flood, etc), it's almost guarantee that the police will arrive in 5 minutes or less.
The food is really cheap and the taste is unforgettable.
As i mentioned before, not a lot of people walk out their houses and go to the supermarket. I saw a few "hiring" sign occasionally.
In staten island, it's not very popular. Not a lot of stores are open there.
Winters are bad; we receive many snowstorms during the colder months. This keeps me from going to work. Hurricane Sandy was the worst natural disaster I have experienced in my area.
Most people that live in my area seem content with their jobs.
There are many great restaurants; however, the bar/nightlife scene is not great for people my age.
The mom-and-pop shops are usually better than the larger companies. I like to support them.