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This neighborhood is beautiful and always clean. The people are very friendly here and i would recommend any one to move here!
I think there are too many houses, and not enough nature surrounding the houses
these people are so friendly
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I always feel safe. in fact, I live next door to an officer
Plano has great infrastructure and protection all throughout the city. The town has an active presence of authority and that helps it maintain the status of the "nation's safest city."
This area is a great place to settle down with a family. It might not look like it has many events to do, but the older you get, the more independent you are. You'll be able to see that there are many classy events to go to in Plano and Dallas. From the car shows to the entertainment and food venues, there is always something to do. Yet, all that is still contrasted by the interruptions of natural parks scattered throughout the town.
A variety of local business, stores, big companies and mom and pop shops. Diversity is key in this area.
I have been looking for employment in the area, but all the employers ask for age and race, which I feel is an obstacle in this area.