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I haven't had any issues, though a couples years ago a pot house blew up down the road.
It's kinda sketchy at night, but during the day it is very quiet.
Our education system is suffering because of how politicians want to pay themselves and not put improvements for schools. Then they want to use tax dollars for unnecessary building projects that will only create more problems for people or are doomed to not meet the budget because they were poorly planned.
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Unfortunately the police are small in comparison to our city. They cannot be everywhere when there is a crime occurring and many crimes go unnoticed or unreported because there would be no way to find the culprits. But when there is major crime or accidents, the police will be there and working for our safety.
We are continually clearing space for housing apartments or chain neighborhoods. It does bring business and more people to the area. However, we continue to move to the newer neighborhoods and forget about the older ones.
We get the occasional strong storm or hurricane, but Jacksonville is in a certain position in the state where major weather events don't seem to hit us that hard. We have not had a major natural disaster is years, maybe decades. It does rain a lot in the spring and summer but usually its either a short shower or a day thing.
Jacksonville is a bar city. The beaches or anywhere around popular hang outs will have a bar and restaurant combination. We also are known for our music, so we have plenty of music bars and clubs for people to have a great time.
The job outlook for my area is somewhat poor. If you can land a job, then you are likely to keep that job so long as you work the way you are supposed to. However, there are so many people and not enough businesses to support them all. It is not anyone's fault for there being a stress on hiring, the economy in this area is very strict because it is not a rich area. Not many people have the leisure to spend a lot of money.
A local business hub in my area is Walmart. It has everything a person could need at a very reasonable price. I buy most of my groceries, school supplies, and other necessities there when I am in a pinch or I just need to run by a store quickly. I also love their eye care program, very cost effective and I am in and out in under an hour usually. The only problem I have with Walmart is the abundance of homeless men and women begging by the entrance and how some may get very violent. In our area we have a time set out when you absolutely should not go anywhere near the store or face a huge mob of belligerent homeless people. Despite that, I love having Walmart's convenience.