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Tierrasanta is a great family community. There is a good amount of churches in the area amazing homes and apartments. The Tierrasanta shopping center is in walking distance.
Great place for people to live, wealthy living area, lots of parks and recreation centers for kids. Great schools for kids and adults. Best grocery stores with the best customer service reps. And also the police is fast and respectful.
Tierrasanta is a great family friendly community. There are several parks, places to eat, schools and daycares. The scenery is beautiful and much more green than many San Diego areas. I love that everything is close by; several options for grocery shopping, places to eat, and a library. I have lived here for two years and plan to stay many more! It is a bit pricey to buy in the area, but renting is affordable. The community is a like a family, and I love how close neighbors become and are always willing to help each other out!
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Tierrasanta is a great neighborhood. If you go to the grocery store or a local place you are guaranteed to see someone you know. Its like a small family and everyone is so friendly. Neighbors are close and hold public parties to chat and meet new people. The public schools are pretty good and there are many pre-school options too.
A large concern is the public schools, notably Serra High School; practically half of the people you meet there do or sell drugs. The diversity was okay-ish. As one of about four black freshmen, I was often mistaken for any one of the other three black students. But, all in all, the neighbourhood isn't that bad.
I adore living in Tierrasanta - almost a small town feel with great access to San Diego, hiking, 10 miles from the beach with great elementary schools. Tucked between freeways, it's very walkable and quiet while also accessible.
Tierrasanta is a thriving neighborhood with a diverse community. There are many churches, parks and schools to choose from. I love growing up here and being a part of a tight-knit town.
A peaceful community full of good people. Large military community with a good high school and excellent schools for the younger children. Convenient shopping located within the community. Next to all major highways but it is so nestled in the hills that it doesn't even seem like it.
It's a good place especially for families. There are a lot of public parks and playgrounds available for kids to play and hang out. The neighborhood is also quite safe since there are community patrol people around. There are schools from elemtary to high school that are only a walking distance away from the housing area. Also, there are some stores and restaurants a few minutes away by car (or about half hour walking distance). The only thing is the public transportation is not the best.
I love Tierrasanta because it is in my opinion the greenest part of San Diego. I love how central it is to go to places and how family oriented it is. I think that it is very residential and the only thing I would change to stop renting out homes to just anyone and to make sure we do through back ground checks on the people who will live in the community to keep our community safe.
I currently live in Tierrasanta. My son attends a public elementary school in the neighborhood. We are very pleased with the environment of the community. It is very family friendly here. There are a lot of parks and activities to do with the family. It feels like a small town that is separate from the larger city of San Diego. It is very quiet and there are a lot of neighborhoods. We haven't experienced any problems with crimes that would cause us to move out of the area. It is very safe here and our family loves it.
It has been almost 9 years since I moved out of Tierrasanta, but everyday, I go there since I go to school there. The neighborhood really hasn't changed much - it's a relatively small community which looks out for each other. Tierrasanta is mostly a residential neighborhood with three shopping centers (the largest of which is the town center). When in Tierrasanta, I feel safe due to the low crime and the fact that it is a quiet neighborhood. The greenery around the community (trees and grass along roads as well as the canyons) makes Tierrasanta a beautiful community.
This neighborhood is beautiful! Great community and a fantastic family area. The views are fantastic with everything within walking distance!
Nice neighborhood to live in, close access to highways makes traveling places quick and easy. However some members of this community tend to be pretentious and are extremely unsafe drivers.
I've lived in tierrasanta my entire life. It is the perfect little suburb town full of great people and amazing parks and trails to hike or bike through. It also has a lot of wild life any where from small bunnies to coyotes and the occasional mountain lion, but don't worry it is always safe and they keep their distance making it really cool when you spot them.
This community is great, friendly and safe. I love the area because I have a 10 year old little sister who can make a bunch with children in the neighborhood. Everyone and the apartment complex is dog friendly and most people are military or veterans.
I am happy to live in this area because the only thing I really have to worry about are the Coyotes. we live close to a lot of military peopleand the residence look out for each other and all of the children in the neighborhood. another reason why I enjoy living I reside is because the school for my little sister is very close and I don't have to worry about her walking home by herself. the community park is gated and so is the pool area. it's a great environment for the children and any pets that anybody may have
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This is a great area. I have been in this area most of my life and enjoy the neighborhood. This area is very dog friendly, well, pet friendly and every is nice. The landlord keeps the area clean and homie. I also love that it is close to all the schoolsame including the community colleges and universities. I love where I live and wouldn't change it.
My neghborhood is very safe.
I live in a first tier suburb and can reach places all over the county quickly and I do not have a commute.