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It is a safe place and I love it
The houses are a bit too close and the yard isn't that big. But the neighbors are great
Everyone is friendly and very outgoing
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You don't often here about crimes going on but when you do it is always caught on camera and gets handled.
I love the area because all the neighbors are friendly and stay connected, also because there are so many stores and restaurants conveniently located.
Overall, there are no issues in terms of Crime & Safety! The only problem is that the street lighting is sometimes weak and it gets really dark at night.
The area where I live in now is okay, but it was much better when I was growing up. The problem

now is that my neighborhood is starting to deteriorate because strange people are moving in and this has resulted in former tenants moving out to better houses. Education is great (Plano ISD is great!). I'll miss it next year when I'm going to college :(