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Thunderbird Heights/Wilmot Desert Estates Reviews

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Personally, we've never experienced a flood. There are some potholes on some streets but not enough to complain year-round. Tucson needs the rain because it is generally a hot, dry city.
The only attraction personally is the mall nearby. There is no attraction in the area I live. Just general fast food chains and restaurants. Tucson needs more things to do for young teens and adults 18+.
There is no official neighborhood watch. I'm guessing people just check out their windows for suspicious activity like my mother does. I do not feel safe in the sense of having a bar where low class people attend. There is a shortage of street lights. It makes the neighborhood dark and scary-looking to walk at night.
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There are local gyms but with people's busy schedules, I feel that there is more people that buy equipment to use at home to beat the weather on some days and most of the summer. Not many overweight people I see in my neighborhood. Though we love that there is Tucson Medical center and doctors to choose from.
Some employees can be rude sometimes in certain stores. Overall, not everywhere is hiring. Summer is especially busy and nearly no one is hiring in fast food chains especially where college students could get easy access to.
There are not many parks I can remember but they are decent and grass is kept neatly cut. There are not many outdoor activities outside of the University of Arizona. At least not ones that interest me. I don't know about any pollution in the area or in Tucson in general.
There are quite a bit of Mexicans in my neighborhood. Not many African American people. I don't feel neighbors are happy or friendly. My parents and I don't feel we could count on any of the neighbors for an emergency. Everyone lives their own lives.
There are no side walks in some of the areas near my home. There is a concern about the lack of street lights because it makes the neighborhood very dark. I would not feel safe to walk at night. The quality of public transportation is decent though it is not a way of transportation I enjoy. I have to ride Sun Tran because of the hassle of finding parking at the University of Arizona.
I ride Sun Tran to school on most days. I have no comments about local state representatives or governors. They are not really heard about in our community that I know of. I don't pay taxes because I don't work yet. Though I don't approve of the traffic cameras that are installed on some of the streets. It doesn't help anyone but the government.
It's great if you love fast food and restaurants if you are into that kind of food whenever you want somewhere to eat out. Many places to choose from.
Do not like that our home is near an adult store and a gentlemen's club. Empty space in front of our home needs to be kept clean or else it full of dead weeds and trash.
Quiet neighborhood. Pet friendly though neighbors are friendly but do not have the urge to become friends . Don't like that we are very near a bar, an adult store and a gentlemen's club.
We live two minutes from a Gentlemen's club, an adult store, and a bar. We want them gone. Other than that, the neighborhood is great.