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I was born and raised in Throgs Neck. When I was younger, I liked living there because I was too young and oblivious to understand some of the things that happened over there. What I would like to see, though, are cleaner buildings, better customer service and a safer neighborhood for the children and elderly.
Throgs Neck is not such a bad place to live. Sometimes, dangerous things can happen at night around there. But in my experience in living here, I was always safe.
I have lived here the majority of my life and I love it. I have friends here because I have gone to all the summer camps and schools in the area.
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I liked how close it was to my middle school, and how quiet the neighborhood is. I also met my childhood friends here thanks to how small the neighborhood is.
It's a decent neighborhood to live within the Bronx. It is mostly a residential area with a few bus stops nearby and a train station at least 10 min away. Commute from this area to the city is slightly inconvenient.
Throgs Neck is a very safe, family-friendly community. It's perfect for couples who want to own a house and raise kids who ride their bike on the street, play in local sports leagues, join girl scout troops, and attend good schools. There are a lot of churches. It can get kind of boring because there isn't much to do here other than eat, walk on the beach, or go to a pub. It's very conservative and homogenous so if that's your thing it'd be perfect, but it's not for me.
Throgs Neck is a wonderful neighborhood full of great restaurants, shops and everything you could possibly need. Its diverse, safe and quiet. The only issue is the main bus line (the Bx40/42) gets extremely crowded and can take quite a bit of waiting time in between buses. Otherwise, its a perfect neighborhood.
I think Throgs Neck is a great neighborhood, its slow pace and lively at the same time. There is a little bit of everything you'll need in this neighborhood.
Although throgs neck is very family orientated the safety of this neiborhood concerns me. You would think the problem would be the people when in all reality it's the police force. PSA8 needs some better training because in the need of a real emergency I can't trust them to help.
Throggs Neck is a blue collar neighborhood that is family centric. The 20 and 30 somethings are catered to with a plethora of Irish Pubs. There are regular local events for families and young adults ("Faddy's Day parade, Little League Parade, Throggs Neck Ball, etc.). The waterfront views, the proximity to Pelham Bay Park, the access to the highway, and the sense of community make it a great place to live. You should own a car, public transportation is lacking (part of the charm), but no alternate-side parking rules. Public Schools here are horrendous, but lots of great private schools. It is a VERY safe neighborhood, without an overbearing police presence (although many live there). This is a predominately Irish and Italian neighborhood, with not too much diversity in culture or food, but in 45 minutes your'e in Manhattan and right in the thick of the melting pot. I'm a minority, and am never made to feel out of place.
I adore this place! I grew up here and live so close to silver beach and have a great relationship with my neighbors and even the kids at SUNY maritime down the road.
The area has lots of small commercial stores, banks, houses, public schools and libraries near each other. Each are very accessible in walking distance. The local elementary school is very active with families as well as the middle school that has a solid education plan. The elementary and middle school are only 2 blocks from each other. Each have a very large playground for the kids during recess. There is a fire department and police station a few blocks from the schools, providing lots of safety.
Throgs neck is a Quite family neighborhood, yet amazing night life on the main road and diverse food options.
The 45th precinct is very responsive. The crime rate for Throgg's Neck is extremely low. Police are visible everywhere including the fire department and local ems
Throgg's Neck, heart of the Irish. The general atmosphere of the neighborhood is loving and welcoming. I have never lived in a place that has been so loving.
This is the best place to live in the bronx. I have lived here since I was 3 yrs old. I attended all the local schools and now so do my children. There is a great restaurant community that is growing and has brought a lot of business to the area.
Nice neighborhoods with little houses.
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Just one nice park which is good for jogging and taking walks in the summer or spring.
Very nice calm neighborhood, I feel safe but of course this is NYC.
Bad winters good summer and spring.