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To be more precise, it's okay during the day in most areas of the neighborhood but gets dicey after dark.
I have great neighbors and like being close to uptown with easy freeway access. On the other hand, I wouldn't advise strolling around the area late in the evening as there's a prominent crime element (no denying); also, there are a lot of unsightly businesses and a high percentage of run down properties as well as a fairly business rail road line. Because of all this the residential prices are better in west Charlotte than in a number of other neighborhoods this close to city center - but it looks to me like there's planned progress to improve everything along the Brookshire corridor from uptown out to Mountain Island so over the next decade I think the area will continue to become better.
You have to really look for a good employment opportunity while there is a lot there are only a few that you would actually want to do or at least do the job with a good pay, this only applies to a first time job applier
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There are not a lot of jobs in this area, rent prices are high.
The people tend to keep to themselves.
It would be better if there were more sidewalks for you to walk on and better if there was more public transportation.
The people in this area tend to keep to themselves.