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This area keeps up the houses and there lawns are taking care of regularly.
This community is good and diversity within the community.
The police us station at local gas station.
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Great location, lots of transportation avenues.
Some days are better than others. There are still random, minimal, shootings in the neighborhood. It can be peaceful at times.
Could be better and dog parks could be dog friendlier. Owners dislike a certain breed and you never see them there.
You don't hear much, but the suspicious activity is seen almost regularly.
When you have something to report to the cops, like suspicious activity, they take forever to come. When they come, they ask dumb questions and don't even bother looking into it. Same for when your car is stolen, they just go away and usually never follow through because it isn't a danger to society.
Most homes nearby are decently taken care for. If you do go down a few blocks either way, you'll notice the difference by the homeowners. Other theeb that, it's decent living here.
Summers can get humid, spring can still snow. Fall is either warm or cold, and winters are the best! Love the snowy season here in Minnesota. It gets very beautiful no matter where you are or go.
Cossettas is pretty good for Italian. Pizza portions are awesome. You just have to look around down town Saint Paul. MPLS has a crazier nightlife, but that life can just stay there.
It could be better if everyone that lives in this neighborhood would actually do something about it. It all behind with yourself.
Smaller shops are nice to go to, but the prices are a bit higher. For the Asian stores, you can get from processed veggies to fresh picked veggies from farmers close to home.
the houses aren't so modest eveverything is really old
i had a lap top stolen the first week i moved in and it took forever for cops to get there
nobody goes outside only like two neighbors have interacted
I've ahven't heard any complaints from neighbors about fires or any natural disaster .
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There are a lot of food restaurants and varieties that people could choose from .
They are a lot of employment in this area that could hire people however, managers don't bother to look through application or give any feed back to the employee .
The business local it's okay although they need to focus on customers more .