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There are a lot of job opportunity within this area.
Everything in Uptown is extremely good. I have yet to find a place that I did not enjoy the food at.
There are a good amount of store outside the main part of Uptown Charlotte.
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The community around here is very nice. You commonly see families on walks and college students walking to class. The city occasionally has events every few months.
I live on campus, so the security around the school is great. When I'm not on campus, I still often see the police patrolling the streets. Crime around here is rare.
Around Charlotte, there are many busses and people walking. The sidewalks and crosswalks are very safe and easy to use. Though there are lanes in some spots of uptown for bicyclists, the lanes are located on every road. Though you often see people walking, there is still a lot of traffic and it can sometimes get congested.
I live in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. There are many nice restaurants everywhere you look. I have yet to not be impressed by one. However, around uptown, there's very limited grocery stores. As a college student, it can be hard to get everything you need, especially without a car.
It's sunny most of the year and I'm from Ohio where it snows most of the year so I cannot complain.
I love where I live! I'm in the heart of uptown Charlotte and i only have three roommates which makes the rent bearable!
I haven't had to worry about my safety since I moved in because the security here is concerned about our safety also.
I personally went out on my own time to go and search for work. I honestly failed a couple of time but I did stop searching until i found something. Even though it doesn't much it was something to start off with until I find something better.
There are many restaurants and other places with usable things for everyone going from food down to cleaning supplies. In my new environment there is not really a reason for me to have to go far out unless work wise. There aren't many big places around but there is enough to get by and supply everyone with their everyday needs.