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I dont know much about this topic but I do know that only few people benifit and most of us just drown in political business.
It depends where you are but some landlorda are cheap bastards and dont want to repai the homes they are renting. In the winter it gets very humid and sickness is sure to arrise.
I felt safe living in this area because police patrol the area almost everyday and few crime acts are heard of.
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With just a few mini earthquakes now and then natural disasters aren't a problem here. Although, there is acurrent drought.
Downtown opens and closes restaurants all the time so I dont know if people dont like em or get bored or what.
Hard to get jobs in automotive if no previous experience is obtained.
There should be more stores that have grocery.
They dont have any were for all the homeless people in our neighborhood to go.
We have a large police presence in our neighborhood. So crime does not effect my house.
California has some of the best weather you can ask for. Summer is hot but there are rivers and lakes and in some parts even oceans to cool you off. The spring is perfect weather from morning to night. Fall is just beautiful and mild weather. The winter is cold but thier is also sunny days sometimes to much sun.
We have the galleria within 4 miles of our house. We have mr subs very good food we also have pizza and fast food. Panda Express to Olive Garden and last but not least Tahoe Joes great steaks and ribs.
There are alot of mechanic shops in the area so when i finish school it should be easy to find a job. The Union Pacific Railroad is the largest and best employer in our neighborhood.
In my neighborhood we are lucky enough to have both large stores like Walmart, Home Depot for all our needs.

But, there are times when you want to shop with less crowds and were the shop owners remember your name. We have a downtown roseville with all the small shops you need for almost everything your looking for.