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It's not the safest place to live
The health fitness in this area is not very good, but there are some opportunities to have a health lifestyle, but the option is expensive, where many people don't have very much money.
There are many apartments around, so there is not a lot of space, garages or extra land. This could be improved with more housing with some more space.
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There is a lot of crime that happens in my city, but in a different area than where I live specifically. Sometimes crime happens in my area, but it is usually a low standard.
Weather can vary a lot in our area. The weather is very mild and changes often, but overall we have a very mild climate.
There are a lot of food options in the area but the night life is limited.
Employment opportunities are varied. The employment depends on what you are looking for. High paying jobs are seldom.
Businesses have fairly good customer service.