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The lakes is a very clean neighborhood with many near by schools and friendly people. It includes free fitness trails and many trails for dog walking.
Houses are nice but I wish the designs had a little more variety because all of them are the same. Abandoned properties are everywhere and it sometimes taken over by people who cannot afford homes, or don't have homes. the best areas would be in section 10 houses, the worst would be section 8 houses.
I notice that not many people interact. The houses are so close together and neighbors don't even know each others' names. Everyone stays put inside their homes and isolates themselves from others around them.
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Of course it's the city so there are many bad things that can happen all around, but there are mostly certain areas where more crimes occur than others.
I used to live in North Carolina, which a completely different atmosphere from here in Las Vegas. People are different, culture is different and even traditions. I think this is a good place to live, but I also think that it's not the best place for children to reside.
There is not too much outdoor activity in this area
There are a lot of jobs for a handful of people but not typically for low class people, more so for the middle and high class.
The summers are extremely hot. It is not humid heat though, it is just dry heat.
Madhouse coffee has amazing coffee and tea drinks and very good, healthy, organic based sandwiches and snacks.
For most of the year, the weather is great. It doesn't get too cold in the winter while spring and fall is absolutely wonderful. During the middle of the summer is the only unbearable part. It gets into the 100's and I end up staying indoor during the day time mostly.
I hear of companies laying off and hiring workers. I believe that employment in this town is growling, but at a very slow rate and depending on what field.
For the most part, everything is pretty average. The only part of Las Vegas I noticed to be above average are some of their restaurants. There are so many great restaurants to go to no matter what part of town you are in.

There are some mom-and-pop shops, but I don't see too many of them. Usually they are some what of chain restaurants.

To name a few, Baguette Cafe (owned by a French family in the SW), Komex (infusion between Korean and Mexican food), BAR (Born and Raised bar in the SW valley, they have excellent food), Off the Strip (also a bar with excellent food)
From what I have seen, the housing market did take a hit during the recession, but people are starting buy property again. The better part of town is Summerlin and Henderson, though there are others that are developing that are nice neighborhoods, such as North Las Vegas. The bad part of town is mostly by the downtown area and near the strip.

From what I hear of other cities, Las Vegas seems to have a very reasonably prices housing market for renters and buyers.
I live right by a Police Station, though that doesn't determine the responsiveness. However, I have never had the need to call the police while living in this part of town. The only reason I felt the need to call was from about 7 years ago and it was drama between roommates.
Everything you could possibly need you can find at local businesses or in a 20 minute drive. There are many varieties. The most popular businesses you will see everywhere are CVS, Starbucks, Walmart, and many more.
Many people complain about not having jobs, myself included. I have been unemployed for 3-4 years and since I am going through college I don't have the required experience most of the open jobs require. For example a lot of places are looking for Management Employers. The biggest industries in Las Vegas are the casinos. There are other things but everything is so hard to get into. You need experience to get experience.