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The Heights is very overhyped in my opinion. While relatively close to the city, it is totally bus dependent, and it is a nightmare dealing with port authority. It's also not closer than Weehawken/Union city for a bus commute. Not sure why it's blown up the way it has but i think there will be a ceiling in development for the area
Quiet and safe area, ideal for young families. We have great relationship with our neighborhood and never experienced any issue with the authorities. Overall, the experience at Heights has been great.
We have been so happy living at Heights. Nothing to complain really. Maybe it would be good if we had more cafes but even that doesn't bother us.
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Moved in the Heights in 2012 with my husband and planning to live here for the rest of our lives. This are is getting better and better every year, so I hope the houses don't get too expensive.
Overall I'm enjoying living at Heights. Probably my favourite neighborhood in New Jersey. Close to everything. Best fit for my family as well.
Comfortable area with very polite neighbors. Excellent law enforcement. Not many bars to grab a drink but not a big deal, since it's close to Hoboken etc.
Such a unique neighborhood. We work in Manhattan and so glad that the City added so many different commute options. Our children attend a great school and couldn't be happier with the overall experience.
An improving neighborhood that combines peaceful lifestyle and comfortable commute to NYC. Have been a resident since 1998 and especially over the last 10 years the changes we have seen are astonishing: More businesses are opening, lots of young highly educated business-oriented people are moving in and overall it has been evolved as a great environment to live in!
My experience at Heights, Jersey City has been absolutely awesome since 2011 when I moved in. It's probably one of the best options for professionals who work in Manhattan area and have more than 1 kid. Safe environment and quiet.
Neighbors are so friendly to each other and since 2010 when we moved with our family we've enjoyed it a lot. Chilled environment and nothing to complain really. There are not many cafes and shops and every year 5 new businesses open, so no doubt this will be one of the most sought after hoods in the years to come.
Overall having a great experience. Safe neighborhood and excellent set up, especially for families who look more chilled lifestyle. Commute to Midtown Manhattan is good and law enforcement sufficient.
Calm & pleasant city feeling like a village. My family loves it since we moved out from NYC. Inexpensive and safe as well.
Heights is the best alternative to Manhattan. Great fit for families, Heights is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood with low crime and traffic. Diverse with 15-20 min commute to Manhattan. Amenities are good and getting improved.
The average neighborhood, Great law enforcement officers.
Just the average neighborhood, nothing special.
Housing is too expensive and there it's difficult to find something decent at a decent price.
If I had to do it all over again, I would not.
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It's really getting bad. Police are slow to respond and sometime re-victimize the victims. I really don't or can't know where to begin. I've lived with it for so long. The schools really try to curtail the gang activity but it is quite difficult to curtail something that just keeps becoming larger and larger as the months and years pass. Now, you can get shot for just walking on the "wrong" block. If you are not "Marion" or "Project" or whatever the kids today want to call themselves, you will be beaten, robbed and/or killed. There is no value to life anymore. Kindness has left the building and sadness and fear have taken it's place. The generations are deteriorating and no one trusts no one.
My neighborhood is a really diverse mix. I can find and get anything that I need in a pinch. From the 24 hours bodegas to the 24 hours Dunkin Donuts, I have everything within walking distance. It pains me to see the riff raff that walk the streets. Knowing that just two blocks down the way a teenager was shot in the head due to the ongoing gang "my block/my hood" mentality. It's just really sad. My lovely stroll to get my late night latte fix has turned into a fast-paced fearful walk. I really wish things were different.
The cops are very active and the crime is low most of the time