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More lights would be better. As well as more officers available during the night patrolling the area.
The crime isn't as bad as it used to be , however when someone is in need of assistance it takes the police a long time to arrive.
This area has many great food places however the quality of the streets are not improving. The homes are improving somewhat due to the trinity river project. I do believe there is more work to be done in this area.
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It's OK but it could be better if better people live here.
It's available for those who want it.
Living in Dallas is relatively cheaper than other large cities.
Oak Cliff is known for its activity. although there isn't any major crime going on in my specific area police are seen every now and then but are usually prompt in arriving when called.
rating depends on how you look at it. If you like hot summers and cool winters Dallas is great for you! Although beware Texas weather can get pretty crazy. It can be sunny one minute and raining the next. Although located smack dab in the middle of tornado alley, Dallas hasn't seen a tornado in years although tornado watches are not uncommon. Cool clothing is essential for the Texas heat because usually temps reach three digits in July.
The Dallas Metroplex offers a great variety of restaurants and bars. With the new developments in Trinity Groves, there are new places to eat, and live less than five minutes away from downtown Dallas.
I love the gyms and parks
it used to be better but they are always cutting down trees now.
I live in a ghetto place full of crime.
Depends where you go. Some are very ghetto and other are pleasant.
It's always either really cold or really hot. Nothing too bad.
Nothing really big or special.
I like everything around my area. They are really good.
We really never have natural disasters we do have a crazy weather one day can be cold another day can b very hot but other than that no problematic weathers
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I don't work I am a full time student but unless you have a degree there aren't a lot of job opportunities that pay much in the are. Either you have to have very good experience or at least some kind of certification if you can't get a degree
There are a lot of Mexican restaurants around here but what I do love the e most Is olive garden and apple bees and some of their best food and drinks are baby back check ribs, chicken parmigiano and strawberry lemonade
Businesses are great in my area. There is a great variety of stores if anything is need it it's possible to get it within miles.