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I've only been living in The Fan for a few months now but overall I LOVE IT! What I like most about The Fan is the ability to walk everywhere, especially to all my favorite restaurants! On the weekends it can be noisy, but what do you expect since there are lots of bars and restaurants around. I think The Fan could be improved with better public transportation and also resources set out to help homeless people. If you were new to Richmond and looking for a place to live, I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Family oriented, nice neighbors and quite. Also young college students. Lots of bars and restaurants for you and your friends to socialize at.
I visit the fan weekly for work purposes. I lived nearby and used to visit it for recreational purposes years ago, so I can make present day comparisons. What I like that it maintains its value across the years. The Apartments and homes and restaurants are still there and are doing well in structure and in business. Everyone can find a restaurant according to their tastes. Some specialize in healthy foods, some in grills, some in specialty sandwiches, and of pizza. Or you can find restaurants with all included. There are so many small finds in businesses on just about every corner. The young are infatuated, the older can visit their favorite places. You'll even see families out walking. There are private, local schools and charter public schools. I become more fascinated every time I visit.
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Cute, generally nice neighborhood for families and college students. Housing is too expensive close to VCU campus but the pricing gets better closer to Boulevard. Usually kinda hard to find parking.
The Fan is a great up and coming area. The community is littered with restaurants and many shops to keep you entertained. Also the area is known for its amazing music scene as you can go out and listen to many genres of music- from rock to jazz, it's all here. There are many VCU students living in the area, so that 's another plus, but maybe not so attractive to people looking for a more quiet atmosphere. Overall, great area, close to Downtown RVA, VCU's main campus, The Museum District, Willow Lawn, and Cary town.
Sometimes there are incidents, but relatively low.
I love the people and the unique lifestyle!
The crime in this area is relatively low compared to the rest of the city, however, there is a large population of homeless people and people without jobs who hang out in the area during the day.
I really enjoy living in the area I am in, I feel safe, am able to walk to restaurants, and am close to school and work.
I feel that nowhere can be "great" on safety, but my area is pretty great.
Great area, great location, great place - but at the end go the day it is not my end goal to live here.
It's a pretty and well taken care area. It is mostly affordable but rent is expensive due to the popular location. It is kept historic. The worst part is the lack of available parking and the last minute tow zone signs that are put up temporarily.
quality of housing is cool, there may be a few vacant or abandoned houses here and there. There is a vacant house about two or three houses down that has been abandoned for years. The cost of living is high for the quality of housing.
There is no sense of community
I live in between what is called the fan area and the art distrstrict of Richmond , VA and the crime has been on a high for the past couple of months , with robberies , shootings, kid nappings. I feel unsafe. I am 31 years old and my mother is so against me walking anywhere anymore. I wish I could feel safe .
I have been living in this area with my mother since 2009. The property value of the house is horrible. The owners of the property suck with up keep of the property. I wish my mom could afford to move into a new house.
Lived here 20+ years. Central to what and who I need.
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I wouldn't choose to live here again
Overall, living in this area is nice. It's a beautiful neighborhood, full of old houses that are great to look at (and even better to live in). It's right by the VCU campus, so that's incredibly convenient. Walking just about anywhere is feasible, and there's even a Kroger just a couple blocks away. I imagine this area is only going to continue to grow as VCU grows, so I expect great things out of it. I come from Michigan, and I would rather live here ten times over!
The local businesses in the area that I live in are very well established. The area is like a smaller Georgetown. I like the stores that are near my house because they are unique.