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I love living at The Colony. It’s conveniently close to many things including Disneyland and the Anaheim Packing District.
Although there is a lot of crime happening around here, there is a sense of safety due to the continuous run throughs by the police department.
Over the last few years, the crime rate close to this residence has declined. Police officers are not seen as often, although it can still improve. The busier streets do have more traffic running on them, but that seems to be the case anywhere and everywhere. Housing prices still seem to be ridiculously high.; that is the case for all of Orange County though.
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As mentioned on last page, I do not feel safe walking in the neighborhood at night. We regularly hear police helicopters and several times have heard them telling neighbors to "come out with hands up."
Compared to everywhere else in the country, I'm sure this area would compare positively. However, compared to every other area I have lived in in So Cal, it is the sketchiest. Parking is awful and I do not feel very safe walking at night. Noise level is terrible and police don't do much when the neighbors are blaring LIVE mariachi music at 1 AM on a weeknight. There are stray animals all over. It is very dirty here.

The area is improving, with nice new establishments and apartments being built -- but some have already been tagged by local troublemakers.
I would choose to l live here again because Anaheim's atmosphere is good. Its really quiet at night. Everyone is at home.
The neighborhood in Anaheim in which I live in is very quite and has several schools nearby. They have several community afterschool programs to help kids and pearson park offers entertainment like plays or even insights to cultural diversity with polynesian dances and other dances. The library is kept very clean and nice and the police department is not very far. Some areas of Anaheim I would not feel safe in but my area is pretty safe and I believe the city council is doing a great job in making the unsafer areas feel safer. For example the glover stadium park had alot of homeless people sleeping there and the city counselor transformed the park areas into a dog park, which I think was great. A good way to use the land. Disneyland is not too far and the schools have been remodeled too.
Many places to explore, Disneyland, many theme parks, many theaters, and practically everything you could ever think of is possible here.
At the crack of dawn, the neighborhood stirs with there daily duties, children are complaining and are irritable of having to drag themselves to school. Parents start sizzling up a hearty breakfast for there children and the smell of coffee wafts through the morning air. At about 6:30am children and teens start there journey to there educational institution, buts what i find hilarious is as they walk, they look like the living dead, moaning and complaining up until they see there friends they perk right up. After the children and teens leave there homes, the grown ups gather around to complain or gossip about the neighborhood gossip. They gossip about some lady being unfaithful, or how Maria's belly increasingly grew into a watermelon after getting knocked up by John who currently resides in a different neighborhood, or how there children are exceeding there parents expectation on there grades. If i do it all over again, I would choose to live here again cause i was raised here and it reminds me of home and I wouldn't have it any other way.
We have disneyland and that's kind of what keeps this city alive.
I love living in beautiful SoCal. Its close to both the beach and Disneyland and the weather is always great.
The weather cannot be complained.
There is a variety of food here.
I think the best thing is that the police always goes around to check the area.
The business is ok because people here mostly speak Spanish. Thus, it is a little bit inconvenient for people who do not speak Spanish.
My neighborhood could be considered a little "ghetto," but if any problems arise I know the police will be on site rather quickly.
Living in California is all I know. The weather here is never too cold, it always feels like spring and even during winter the weather is tolerable. I would say California Weather is simply amazing and perfect.
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If you want a great quality dinner, I would suggest going to the Garden Walk which is only a couple blocks down my neighborhood. There you can find a variety of restaurants and options for a great night.
From what I see when I leave in the mornings, I would say most of my neighbors have hard labor jobs. I notice this because of the clothing they wear when they leave their homes.
The store I most frequently visit is the neighborhood Wal-Mart Market to do my food shopping. It is very convenient for me as it is only a mile a way. As for any retail shopping I want to do, I have to drive a little further for my likes. What I do love is that I have a laundry mat right down the corner of my house.