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I never hear of any major crimes being committed in the immediate area
The neighborhood itself is very well cared for, but the surrounding area is a little too unkept
There is minimal crime in this area. Its very suburban with a shopping plaza not too far away
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Personally i love this area, its very quite and once settled there are lots of familiar faces.
ignorant teenagers just run around doing stupid things
everyone is so calm and minds their own business most of the time
Wouldn't know about this but from the people that do go they hate it. They would rather drive out of the city to Yulee (just north of J-ville) than go to places here.
There are lots of places to work. Sadly there are so many people in this area that the second an opening comes up it is filled instantly.
Really needs more stores that aren't super common to see. Also needs to add some type of park closer to the North side of Jacksonville, seriously I go and blow money on food to eat with friends for something to do because that is all we have to do after school.
Many different types of employment are available
This area is on the outskirts of town and while there is a retail area within ten minutes, everything else is a 30 min plus drive.