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Moving to Terrell Hills was a great decision. This neighborhood is extraordinarily safe and family friendly. It seems that as long as it is not pouring rain, there is someone outside walking, running, or riding their bike. With a police station not even 2 miles away, there is a certain peace of mind knowing that (if needed) help is only a short drive away.
Terrell Hills can be a nice community but it has so much potential. My neighbors are delightful, but beyond my street, there is a lot of crime. It is dangerous to go out at night, there are new news stories at least once a month leading to a serious injury, death or drug related crime. Most of the houses are refurbished several times over from their original build dates in the fifties and sixties, and there is a small school around the corner from my house that really causes a lot of traffic through the neighborhood. There are many places close by to eat and go shopping, but as I said, it's best to go in the day time when more people are out.
Growing up in Terrell Hills was an amazing experience. The neighborhoods are established and everyone there is kind. The parks are clean and even have book areas for children to read and trade books.
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Good police force, especially living on the edge of a good neighborhood.
Good place to live, great for my larger family.
Seriously safe. LIke maybe some hobos filter in from downtown, but the police take care of it quick.
Alamo Heights is a great place to live, but the downside is the community is reluctant to change. The area is so nice and so close to downtown it is weird that most of Broadway is parking lot. I hope they turn it into more of a college area with small local shops and more things open late. I mean, it is right next to three Universities. I am surprised we dont even have a 24/hr coffee shop.
If you are not a snobby rich white kid you are generally not accepted.
The price of housing here is insanely expensive.
The people here are very health- conscious.
The police can get there in less than 5 minutes.
Texas can go through all four seasons in one day.
Jobs are family businesses that hire friends.
There are a lot of good places to eat at night.
The variety in grocery stores is quite limited.