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Compared to the big companies, the local businesses are pretty decent. The service is okay, the employees are kind and they go give a decent, average service. The whole business in itself isn't as great as the big businesses. Some stores are old and dirty. But all in all you can get anything that you need in the local stores. But for someone who isn't accustomed to living or shopping in this type of area it might seem a little hard for them to find what it is they're looking for. I mean the area in itself isn't all that big and fancy but when you live here for most of your life, you get use to it and it doesn't seem that bad. But being compared to big companies, our local businesses aren't that very good. But all in all I would say that it's okay because you are still able to find any necessities that you're looking for.
there are some local businesses but there are more chain restaurants
You can find okay jobs but they are temporary if you want to find a good job you have to commute.
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People around my neighborhood are quite friendly and always love to help each other. Even though there is a diversity in race we all get along despite our language and culture differences.
The local businesses around here are moderate. Although they're not the biggest buildings they tend to meet almost all the necessities of the people. Most are clean and given an A grade for their cleanliness and healthiness.
The public transportation over here is decent. It is safe for pedestrians and bicyclists to walk and ride around. The parking availability is small and the buses around here are a great transportation. Traffic can sometimes be dangerous around here too, but accidents happen everywhere too.
Rialto is a big city, so I can't really talk about the entire cit, but I live near a main street that sometimes gets bad. The Main Street that I have a problem with contains potholes and there are constant accidents. Most of these things are caused by big rig trucks. The weight of the trucks create potholes and sometimes they speed and put pedestrians in danger. There are two schools on the Main Street and there have been accidents involving children.
Although there may be nothing particularly interesting about Rialto, this city is great to settle down in. Most people will say that the city of Rialto is boring and there is no reason to live there, but if you think about it, it is the perfect place to live. Rialto has nice affordable housing and the neighborhoods are decent. This city is literally is only an hour away from beaches, the mountains, and cities with night life. It is possible to have fun whenever you want to and return to the boring, yet calm, city of Rialto.
I have lived and visited other cities, and I can confidently say that I feel safe living in my home town Rialto. I was raised in this city and the only complaint I've had is that it's too boring. But as I grow older i realize that Rialto is the perfect place to live if u want a calm life. There are nice homes where u can raise a family without worrying about things you would worry about in Los Angeles or other large, interesting cities.
Rialto does have everything you, except for entertainment. But when it comes to food, clothes, and personal needs; Rialto can provide that. There aren't any famous or out o the ordinary businesses around, but the businesses it does have to a decent job to keep customers coming. Rialto is simple, but what more do people want?
I do not go to restaurants very often, but the few times I have, I rarely have anything to complain about. Local fast food facilities and restaurants are most of the time clean and have good service. The local grocery stores also provide their customers with fresh products. Rialto doesn't really have night life because there are very few clubs and bars. You would have to travel to nearby cities for that.
The city of Rialto is neither horrible nor great. Like any little suburban city there is crime, but not to the extreme. There is absolutely nothing fun to do in Rialto, but it is about an hour away from Los Angeles and Anaheim. Rialto is my home and I am proud to say that it is possible to have a steady life here.