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The crime rates are very low, I always feel safe
Marin County is great for outdoors lovers
I feel very safe in this area. I am comfortable walking across my college campus at night and through the parking lot at the grocery store.
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The people in this area are very kind and friendly. Everywhere you turn, there is a smiling face and someone to greet you. Although the land area is spread out, everyone seems to know one another which makes it seem like a small town community. People are generally helpful. There is a good mix of young families and elderly couples which adds to the value of the community.
It is expensive housing and so I am living in a house-share but I don't mind sharing a space so it is manageable for me.
It is mostly pet friendly as you will see lots of dogs on the fire roads throughout the hills. There are lots of like-minded people and community events to attend to share with others.
I feel comfortably safe in this area. I am not too concerned for my safety as a woman.
People are healthy and concerned about their environmental footprints. It is expensive to live here but the hiking and beauty are worth it.
There are so many local businesses around Marin County. Being on of the wealthiest counties in the state helps us maintain good quality products in stores and allows most necessary items to be bought. The products are affordable and most businesses and it helps that they are located in a beautiful area.
There's not a lot of crime here.
The drought is affecting us.
Some places are very bad.
Its okay. Some jobs are bad.
The owners are very nice.