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Depending on what side of town you are on, it could be very dangerous and police aren't always around in time to help.
I love Tucson, it's a very beautiful place and you can ski and swim all in the same day.
There aren't very many big name events. Some local events are the 4th Ave Street Fair, the UA also offers events.
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I like how the sun shines almost everyday of the year. But in July and August you better have air conditioning.
I generally feel safe in my neighborhood because it's pretty quiet.
Local parks are kept pretty clean. Places like Sabino Canyon and Mt. Lemmon are also nice, and mostly clean.
People tend to live here for a long time making community a bit clique-y but everything seems clique-y everywhere anyway.
There are many chains. A few local restaurants. Nightlife options are lacking.
There is not too much construction in my area, but there are a lot of potholes on main streets. Parking is almost never a problem. And most of my neighborhood has sidewalks.
I think the diversity is alright. There are a lot of Hispanic people but there is also a lot of white people and a few Asians.
I like where I live, it can get boring but I found my own forms of entertainment.
The business in this area is okay. There are grocery stores and convenience stores very nearby. Local shops are lacking although there are a few.
I am new to actually applying for jobs. But my brother got a job this summer, and my dad has never gone longer than a month without a job. So I'd like to think employment in this area is okay.
Some people work out more than others, I wouldn't really know. There are urgent care facilities nearby.
There are only a few vacant houses and properties in my neighborhood. I really like how every house has a front and backyard and there is spaces between neighbors. But the houses are old so they may require more work to keep up.
I have not had many encounters with public services in my area...