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Hayward was once an unsafe place to live in, but I can tell it is getting better. I do not hear of much crime anymore.
I love living and being from Hayward. It's the heart of the Bay. Bart is right down the street from my house, and it is easy to get to tourist sites such as San Francisco or Oakland. I am twenty to thirty minutes from popular places.
Recently, there has been a lot of crime in the city. I feel like it is getting worse by the time. I do not feel safe walking alone during the day time due to the violence.
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I love Hayward, it is a part of me. I do not see myself moving anywhere else. I would stay here all over again just do things differently. We are the Heart of the Bay and it truly does feel like home.
Events happen but they are there when called. They are all different it all depends on the officer.
I would most defiantly live here again. There is a variety of cultures and a lot to explore and learn within Hayward. I would live here do it all over again. I loved catching the Bart from south Hayward and taking it down to down town Hayward during the summer and walking up and down the streets. Exploring the little ma and pa shops. Trying a new burger place called red rocket and falling in love with the garlic fries. The movie theater right next to it and a yogurt shop right next to it as well. everything is walking distance. Which was beautiful during the summer. I yet still to discover more places.
The area is safe, we have cops watching the area almost 24/7, since we live near the community center and a park. The Fire department is two blocks down, but even so there is still crime in the area, and some concerns about safety,
Most places have the stuff I need, but have dirty/unappealing interiors.
You can find jobs, but it's not the place to look for careers. (Unless you intent on commuting.)