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The Tennessee State community is a very beautiful area, flourishing due to the amount of students on campus. The environment surrounding Tennessee state university is unkempt and often trash is found on the sides of streets. The City of Nashville should fund more street cleaning projects and help some of the areas that are underdeveloped.
I will like to see quality education, health facilities, job opportunities and national and international friendship.
i admire the life in study within Tennessee that its rare to find in most parts of the world. convenient for all interested youth. great.
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I transferred to TSU one and a half years ago and I love it. My professors are so professional and respectful. They love their job and are dedicated to helping students succeed.
My experiences is that the overall environment is comfortable and better job opportunities. I would recommend this area for visting, living, and going to college.
It just depends what area you are in. Some places are okay and some are iffy.
Everything is alright. Not perfect.
Things within this community need to change.
I believe that the crime is horrible. I do not feel safe. I had to go out and provide safety for myself.
The weather in this area is sort of bi-polar. One day it could be 70 degrees outside and the very next day it will begin to snow. It is extremely unpredictable.
I believe that the employment in this area is not promising. When you get further into Nashville then the opportunities begin to grow. However that is a problem because everyone does not have a way to commute.
The community is extremely underdeveloped. It could use more help from the government.
The area is pretty run down, low income properties.
There aren't any places for employment found in the area.