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Living in the Tenderloin is something I have never experienced before and to say the least I have never lived a sheltered life. Leaving my apartment I am offered drugs at least twice before I reach the end of the block and there is usually at least one person shooting drugs in their arm. Believe it or not apartments still charge around 1,500$ a month for a room you can barely fit a Twin sized bed in and still have floor space. Other then that it's not to bad. I love San Francisco. I have never really felt that I was in danger or not safe. You get use to it after a while.
The rumors about Tenderloin aren't completely fabricated; I must admit there is some truth to them. The streets do get dangerous at night (even during the day, depending on where you find yourself walking alone) and it isn't uncommon to run into sketchy people. But this neighborhood taught me many things. I learned to toughen up and fend for myself. I'm street smart and I keep my guard up.
It's pretty rough here, but it's home. There's a lot of blight, but generally people mind their own business. The Bowery ran away from New York and settled here.
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In general I would like to see the neighborhood become safer and cleaner. Picking up after yourself and your pets goes a long way to improving how you feel about where you live.
The price of housing is very expensive. And there are many homeless people in my neighborhood.
Depends mostly on what racial community you hail from
The tenderloin district is a neighborhood that is ran by organized crime and all that goes along with such a conglomerate.
This area is the downtown area which is generally drug and crime ridden. This is true in the tenderloin district in San Francisco. I really grew up down there and learned a lot of life's lessons there. It is a very ugly place at times,but can be a special place of racial elegance. I would not change what I learned for the world. I went thru too many hard times to name, but ass I said, lessons I learned gave me the dubious distinction of my nickname.
It doesn't represent the city well. People are not nice and corruption is evident here in the police and government.
Having never lived in a large city before, moving into the city center is both a shock and blessing. It opens up you perception of how a city and the people with in it go about their daily lives.
There are many opportunities to apply for the job you want. Different positions are often available to prospective employees as well as job training and placement help.
I am located close to many mom and pop shops as well as large local department stores. There are a variety of small business owned restaurants.