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I've never lived anywhere with friendlier neighbors than Ten Hills. It is the most neighborly, community-oriented, diverse place you can imagine. Everyone looks for each other and there are community events and gatherings throughout the year. Each house is architecturally distinct; the lawns and gardens are beautiful; and the winding, quiet streets are lined with mature trees.
Ten Hills is just beautiful. Most of us work in Washington DC and love its close proximity to public transportation.
Ten Hills is one of Baltimore's best kept secrets. The large historic homes are picture perfect and the neighbors are young, active and eclectic. If you're in the market for piece of Baltimore's architectural history. Ten Hills is the place the be.
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There are plenty diverse grocery stores to choose from, we have international and America style. Not as many mom and pop shops. There are plenty restaurants for to quench any hungry or budget. Many retail clothing stores for every discerning taste. We have Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Sam's Club, two Asian markets, one Asian/Indian Market, Weis, Shoppers, Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, etc. One strip mall, one inclosed mall others and others in driving distance (15 minutes away). We have Best Buy, Staples, Home Depot, Lowes, Office Depot. There are large mechanic shops like Jiffy Lube to small owned business, such as, HAV Auto. Restaurants vary as well to big names like, Applebees, Grilled Chesse and Company, and Chic-fil-a to small places like, Ship's or Atwaters, as small bakery.
Most people in my neighborhood that I know of, are retired, work for the arm forces, volunteers, and school teachers. I know I used to work as the administrative assistant at the local community college. I am not sure about who the top employers/companies but they are more likely located in the downtown Baltimore area or in other counties.