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I have lived in the city of Tarzana for about twelve years now and it has been an enjoyable experience because of the small businesses that have remained over the years. There are more chain restaurants that have bought up the properties in the area but it is not bad its just the nature of business. I have gone through primary, secondary, and now attending college here. Many of the buildings are still here from when i was a child and so have many of the people who work here. They may be a bit older but they would tell you the same thing that the city of Tarzana is quaint and not much ever really happens here but I wouldn't say that it isn't a fun place to be.
I have generally had a good experience here. I know quite a few neighbors and they are all nice. It is fairly quiet and the traffic in the neighborhood is little to none.
I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana. I love living in Tarzana.
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I just like the valley and there are many things available at all hours. There are lots of fun hiking trails with beautiful views. It is very close to Malibu so the drive is moderate.
Tarzana is comfortable in the sense that all shops and everything one needs are within local distance. Commuting and parking are also very convenient in the neighborhood as there are barely any restrictions except for street cleaning. There quite several things I would like to see a change in the neighborhood. There are some areas such as Reseda, that does not feel very safe in terms of some of the people that are nearby- specifically by Reseda park. There also aren't many parks available in the area for children and it would be nice if that increases, to make this neighborhood more family- friendly. I also do not feel safe being out on the streets by myself during nighttime and would love if there was more of a nightlife present.
I moved to Tarzana CA, in January 2018. I haven’t had any problems in this area. I can walk around a night without being afraid. The streets are clean but can be congested with parked cars. Bonus: there are many shops and restaurants.
Tarzana is a beautiful city. It is family friendly and community oriented. The streets in Tarzana are pretty clean with few homeless on the streets. In addition, the traffic isn't heavy and the streets are well kept.
Great for schools and houses. Loved growing up here. Too may lingerie shops on Ventura Blvd. Little Cafe is my favorite. Commute is getting harder.
Tarzana is a very friendly neighborhood. Everyone has a smile on their faces and always want to help you out. I have always felt safe when walking around the neighborhood and everything is easily accessible.
I have lived in Tarzana for 13 years and I have enjoyed this area very much. It is a very peaceful area and there aren't many accidents and disturbances. I live next to the Tarzana Hospital and the 101 freeway. Given this you don't hear much loud noises as you would expect because of the freeway.
This town is very family friendly with tons of local activities and shops. Restaurants are diverse, people are friendly, and parking is easy to find!
I absolutely love Tarzana. The atmosphere and neighbors are amazing. Everyone is friendly and kind. My only complaint is the lack of parking in the street.
I love living in Tarzana. I was born and raised here. I was born at the local hospital, Tarzana Hospital. I went to public school from K-12 and enjoyed every second. The area is diverse and clean. The people are all extremely friendly. There is plenty to do and it is adjacent to many other great neighborhoods. In addition, both, my mother and father were raised here as well. Feels like a community!
I have lived in Tarzana almost all of my life and just love it. Great people, things to do and the beach is not too far away.
It's a wonderful and quiet place to take a walk and live. It's safe, and there's welcoming people. You can go and across the bridge when heading to Tarzana park. Tarzana park has festivals during spring.