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There is very little crime in Arlington itself. There is more crime in other parts of the DC metro area though.
Arlington is a great area for young adults and families. The schools are excellent and there are numerous activities to do, such as visiting the national monuments, taking a walk in historical Georgetown, or trying out new restaurants.
There are many fantastic neighborhoods in Arlington ranging from hip Clarendon/Ballston to homey Westover. Although these are great places to reside, they can be very expensive.
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There are definitely many community events that take place in Arlington. I know many people who are involved in local government and community service.
I have always felt very safe in Arlington. As a kid, my parents were okay with my sisters and me walking around the neighborhood or to our local 7-11 unsupervised. Because everything is so close together, it was easy to feel safe.
I grew up in Arlington and I will probably continue to live here. It is a safe, clean and hip suburb of D.C. with a great school system. It is very close to the city without the hustle and bustle of city life. Everything is within walking distance, which is great as a person who doesn't own a car.
The weather can be very temperamental in Arlington, Virginia. It can easily switch from 60 degrees on a wednesday in february, to 28 degrees and snowing three days later in the same week. The summers are also unfortunately hot due to the very humid climate. When some family friends from Arizona visited during the summer, they were surprised at how crushingly hot arlington was. While 90 degrees in Arizona is hot, in Arlington 90 degree temperatures are often accompanied by 100% humidity levels, making the weather feel like 105.
Forbes rated Arlington the number one county in America for young entrepreneurs. There are rapidly growing healthcare businesses within Ballston alone such as Evolent, Privia, and many other education-technology companies within the arlington area that are constantly hiring and economically thriving.
Joe's pizza and pasta is a great place to go for a great new york style pizza. Meanwhile, there is Pupatellas, which is a zagat rated and Washington Post recognized Neapolitan pizza place just two miles away. In addition to good italian food, you will find great sushi, thai, indian, lebanese, ethiopian, and classic american all in a few miles radius. The nightlife and bar-life really picks up in the Clarendon part of Arlington, which runs restaurant wide events such as restuarant-week and bar crawls on St. Patty's day. Usually the nightlife is humming every friday- sunday night in Clarendon with 20-30 somethings walking everywhere.
The local businesses are very active and lively in the Arlington area. Due to the high real estate competition and high population density, businesses particularly in the northern part of Arlington tend to do very well. This high demand for good food and family friendly restaurants encourages the local businesses to create family friendly atmospheres. In addition, the small county radius makes accessing necessary businesses such as a laundromat or a good pizza place very convenient.
I am in the hospitality industry so the jobs for me are in abundance and at all skill levels.
Lost Dog Cafe is an awesome place for sandwiches, shakes and a unique brew :)