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I like to go on walks around the neighborhood with my sister and our dogs. It is very peaceful to walk around and we always feel very safe.
I don't hear of a lot of crime in my area. There have the occasional incidences on campus and vehicle break ins at my apartment complex but not to a level where I would be scared or concerned.
I have loved living in San Antonio for my college experience. I love the area of SA that I live in. It's very nice and safe. There is a huge amount of growth in the area that I live in and I have seen so many new places being built.
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No crime that I know of. My car got egged once probably by some teenagers, but nothing serious.
The area has low crime, nice homes, nice parks, and nice wooded areas nearby. Doesn't feel like living it the city.
There hasn't been crime here in quite a long time I think. The police respond pretty well and get there in time when they are needed.
I have lived here a majority of my life and I love it. It is a very friendly community.
The housing varies depending on where you live. Where I am, it is very nice.
The people here are very friendly and considerate.
I have not had any experience with crime in this area.
I think this area is a good place to live. I have no complaints about this area.
People here live their own ways, I wouldn't know because I don't live with them.
Since I've been here I haven't had any problem with crime, because the Apartments are monitored 24/7.
This area like I previously stated is very calm and quick. I'm not waken up by people arguing or loud noises from outside. Everyone here is very nice including the stuff, which are very helpful!
It is a boring area that is far from work and school opportunities
Coming from a different city, my expectations were both met, and exceeded. This is a great city, and living near the university I am able to experience the next generation, and so far things are looking up. Moving into this city has been both the scariest, and the best decision I have made.
I've lived here my whole life, but through travel I have discovered that San Antonio is a pretty great city overall. There is plenty to do, a wide mix of cultures and people, and a growing economy/ national interest.
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Local authorities are always on standby when needed. Crime rate around this area is low and isn't a concern.
Weather is easy to adjust to and is never too harsh.
Wide variety of food to choose from!