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It’s a very nice neighborhood with fully grown trees, so it’s very pretty and aesthetically pleasing. The schools are very good, but people can be very uppity which is rather annoying. Other than that I really have no complaints or anything, this whole area is a very nice place to live.
The Tallyn's Reach area of Aurora Co is a fantastic location for families. Our neighborhood is full of professionals in various fields. The area is safe, convenient and the property values are strong due to well maintained HOAs, clean neighborhoods and proximity to resources.
I like that the neighborhood is safe and welcoming. There is a lot of activities to participate in. I dislike that there is only one small swimming pool that is often overcrowded. Also, I feel the HOA does not provide enough amenities.
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The area is very safe and well maintained.
The neighborhood is great along with the people.
There is a mall just minutes away from the housing area.