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A few people from distant neighborhoods come in on occasion, some looking for trouble and some just looking. A few robberies have happened, someone has gotten shot in the front of the neighborhood two years ago.
My experience in this subdivision had yielded many bad experience that have taught me the worlds true uncertainty.
Almost half of my neighbors are police officers, so there isn't much crime in our particular neighborhood. However, about 3 minutes away, there's a neighborhood of government housing type apartments that seem to have sort of a crime problem. The crime seems controlled, since there are police cars either sitting or riding throughout the neighborhood almost everyday.
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I enjoy living here due to everything being close, including the friends I have made since I moved in. The neighborhood is quiet and still most of the time, despite the daily walking of dogs and riding of bicycles. Sometimes there are parties or football/soccer games across the street, so the area is entertaining. The only problems are that the yards aren't very big, there aren't any designated parking spots for the park, and there's an extreme parking problem with a nearby street market. My neighborhood is great and the area is convenient, but I see myself moving to a more spaced out neighborhood.
This area is amazing. Everyone wants to live in or visit New Orleans. It is not to hot and not too cold. I would definitely choose to live in New Orleans and I think it is the best city in America. In the future, I see many restaurants opening and the city becoming more lively and safe.
I absolutely hate it here and can not wait to leave this s*** hole. I would elaborate much more but I am limited to the amount of 'characters' I can write.
I love warm/hot weather and we've got that for about 9-10 months a year. Winters are mild and there's rarely ever any snow or ice to remove. Some parts of the region get minor flooding during heavy rains but my neighborhood never has that issue, although we do get heavier traffic at those times since people know that it's not going to flood. Hurricanes are a major issue but they're usually few and far between and you can see them coming days in advance and do something about it, as opposed to earthquakes, forest fires, tornadoes, etc.
There are a lot of potholes and uneven roads. The city is working on fixing them but that can cause traffic issues until the repairs are complete. Congestion in some areas is worse than others but having lived elsewhere, I really can't complain. It's not nearly as bad as parts of New York, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. I hear Houston and Atlanta have awful traffic congestion too, so while it can be annoying, I recognize that it could be far worse.
I wish there were more mom and pop shops but I can still get pretty much everything I need without ever leaving my neighborhood. I can also go to other parts of the city, which are easily accessible, and find anything I really want.
My home is 3 blocks from a fire station and there are 3 more within a 5-8 minute drive. Our utilities are vary high but I have solar panels now so my electric bill is very low. We need more street repairs but the previous mayor put things into place and the current mayor is finishing what the previous one started. There are street repairs all over the place. I absolutely can't stand our governor. I hate to even call him our governor. He is awful and appears to care very little for the city, preferring to do things that benefit his wealthy friends and constituents in other parts of the state. He actually removed mental health services from the city and concentrated them in one of the wealthiest parishes in the state, far away from where the people who are suffering the most (especially since the aftermath of Huricane Katrina) need them. I can't wait until his term ends. Our mayor is ok and we have some good representatives and senators and some shady ones.
The job market here revolves around tourism but there is a growth in technological jobs and new businesses. The cost of living is lower here than in many other places so I know I don't earn as much here as I would if I lived in other parts of the country, but I also don't have to spend as much.
I think it's like any other urban area. Where there is poverty, lack of resources, educational disparities and socio-economic disparities, there is usually crime. In my opinion, if I lived in any other city I wold deal with the same amount of crime or possibly more. There is virtually no crime in my neighborhood. The worse things I see in my area are occasional littering and people driving over the speed limit. I think living in any suburban or rural area may provide certain people with a greater sense of safety but having lived in other urban areas, I think New Orleans is just about average as far as crime is concerned.
People in New Orleans pretty much love their city and their individual neighborhoods. There's a lot of pride around neighborhoods, schools, sports teams and the city in general.
There are gyms in many neighborhoods, lots of parks, new bike lanes on streets and many parts of the city are very walkable. The health issues come from the fact that we love delicious food and lots of people drink alcohol here. It's a fun place. We're always celebrating something. Also, many neighborhoods could use more medical offices or clinics. Since the city so walkable, many people would prefer to see a doctor or go to a hospital in their own neighborhood instead of having to go elsewhere. The area where I live has several doctors and dentists offices and clinics and there are 2 hospitals within a 10 minute drive.
I really enjoy living here and the only reason I would consider leaving is to be closer to my family, since I'm from a totally different part of the country.
People come for Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Essence Fest, French Quarter Fest, Voodoo Music Fest...there are all kinds of festivals that people come to enjoy. They love the food and live music. My neighborhood is very residential so we don't have much of that going on but it's all only a few miles away, about a 10-15 minute drive.
There are all kinds of out door activities in which to participate.
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We have a good mix of Black, white, Latino and a few Vietnamese.
I live in a quiet area with mostly one story single family homes. It's pleasant and highways, shopping and restaurants are easily accesible.